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Good sides of Fiverr

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:40 pm
by Charlie
I tried add good sides of fiverr in the following list:

Make Some Extra Money
If you have skill you can make some extra money from this marketplace alongside your regular income source.

Fiverr Will Send You Paying Customers
You don't have to worry about customer for the skills you have. You just have furnish your skill sets properly as gigs with enough information and related images as portfolio. Fiverr will send paying customer to you.

Tips are Common and Encouraged by Fiverr
As the most regular prices are small, buyers leave tips if they are happy besides fiverr encourage buyer to leave tips as they will get 20% from tips as well.

Don’t Have to Bid to Get Clients
You don't have to bid to get clients, instead, clients will contact you to discuss about the project and make the deal with you.