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By Charlie
Some of the reasons are as follows:
  1. Fiverr doesnt care about sellers, all it needs is buyers
  • there is no safety to seller if any buyer plans to play the game
  • If buyer has any issue with order , fiverr is ready to help by punishing the seller or by cancelling the running order but if the seller is facing any issue with order, it simply says we cannot do anything on buyer behalf, so at the end the buyer will get his work done worth $300 for $50.
  • Amount will get debited anytime from your fiverr account if any buer raises disputes in Paypal,For all the disputes I got, there is nothing we can do. We cannot contact fiverr, nor paypal nor buyer, we cannot even see much details. Once disputed, nothing can be done.
  • Their new review system just sucks..
  • even if seller is facing any technical issue or bugs with their site, it simply rejects and doesnt even bother, they say, for all others its working fine and I need to check from my side. When they introduced the new rules to reply within 24 hours, I faced issues with my inbox, I was never able to send messages and no one was able to solve that issue for whole month, it results in around 150+ unread messages and my response rate went from 93% to 17% and it took next 3 months to get it back to 90%. They dont even bother that I broke financially due to their bugs and technical issues from their side and they never fixed that, it was auto fixed when they bought some new updates.
  • First of all fiverr tools are not working correctly and very very buggy, but even though their tools doesnt work fine, it imposes the punishment to seller.
By Charlie
Harry wrote: Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:18 am Thanks but please post about good of fiverr as well.
Ok, I will create a topic of positive sides of fiverr too, thanks for your comment :)
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